Sunday, January 22, 2012

Professional YouTube Player Program

Professional YouTube Player Program

Youtube videos are all in .FLV format so unless you have a flash video player you will not be able to play them. Normal video players such as Windows Media Player cannot play YouTube videos without a Flash Player being installed.
FLV Player lets you download and watch Youtube videos on your computer either through the Flash Player provided or on an existing player like Windows Media Player. The software in my opinion is very stable and it’s unbelievable that they are still giving this away for free.
It is currently still in beta and will be free while it is. This Youtube Player Download is easily the best bit of software I have used for ripping/grabbing and watching Youtube videos in HD on my computer and I recommend you grab it while you can! Click the download button to be taken to the FLV site now where you can download the YouTube Player for free.
Feature summary:

* Play FLV files on any Windows PC.
* Double-click files in File Explorer to play them automatically.
* Zoom 50% - 100% - 200% and full screen.
* Double click video view-port to toggle full screen.
* Drag-and-drop multiple files.
* Remember position on screen at next launch.
* Remember audio settings at next launch
* Optional video smoothing for fast CPU's.
* Small download. Just 1.7 Mb.
* 100%100 FREE. Download !

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